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DK Acquah is a leading edge, innovative, creative, ‘one step ahead of the rest’ marketing company. Technology is constantly changing and DK Acquah is there with their finger on the pulse of new and ever changing marketing concepts. With ideas, designs and implementation never seen before, clients can reach their targeted audience with ease, confidence and inspiration.
DK Acquah is mixed with a young, very talented and inspired design and programming team to bring innovative concepts to life. With new state of the art equipment and experienced production staff, concepts become reality quickly and seamlessly.
The founders of DK Acquah envisioned a company where creativity runs freely and where employees are family and clients are friends. The circle of family and friends is never big enough and there is always room for more. So we ask that you come join us and experience a new kind of marketing company.
Our works include ICT consultancy, Information Systems Project Management, Markting, Programming, Website Speciality, Building Local Area Network (LANs) and Wide Area Network (WANs).

Our Awesome Features

We are committed to the use of advance and modern technologies as well as skilled and competent team with the interest of assuring quality.

Web Development & Design

From small scale personal websites, to complex custom web applications, we have the programming and design capabilities to make your next project a reality. Whether you need usability studies, e-commerce, intranet development, a custom Web application, or simply a place to display company information online, our Web development team will work with you to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Corporate Branding

Need a small quantity of a printed brochure, sell sheet, trifold, invite or flyer? How about a large format poster or vinyl banner? We are a digital print shop so there is never a setup charge or time lost making offset plates. We'll have your rush printing job done for you in no time (overnight printing available), and we'll give your project all of the attention and care required to deliver a high quality printed product, on time and within your budget.

Social Media

Social media marketing services help businesses to build their online communities with loyal users, gain customer mindshare, strengthen brand identity, and become the source of their own news! When you take a step into the world of social media, you'll get people talking about your products, announcements and content! With so many benefits, it's easy to see why companies around the world have adopted social media as part of their marketing strategy.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Some Industries We Serve

Our Vision is to maintain a good reputation in ICT systems and fit into the world of technology.


Oil & Gas










Fitness Clubs

Clean, responsive and professional design with powerfull code!

The term Graphic Design can refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines which focus on visual communication and presentation

Notes & Skills

DK Acquah is dedicated to delivering the best possible reliable software and hardware solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Mobile App Development

Experienced team, creative designers are waiting for your app ideas.

Web Development

Work with the most reliable & affordable web development company to build your website.

Ecommerce Development

We offer Ecommerce Development using a complete range of Ecommerce development platforms.


We’re Good for Photography!

Web Design

We Know It Very Well!


This is Child Play For Us!


We Know it Very Well!

What Clients Say?

It’s easy to often jump to a solution before attempting to define the problem. With industry experience and proven research techniques, we provide our clients with the insights needed to develop a clear strategy for success.

Design Driven App Development

A great-looking app is nothing without a rock-solid foundation of code. We are no-holds-barred perfectionists on this front.

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If you're just looking to jazz up your current website, or create one from scratch, well…we can do that too!

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